Frequently Asked Questions

1. What equipment works best with Midi Files?

Midi Files are complex digital compositions and you will require professional quality equipment to play them properly.  Such equipment should ideally have 64-notes (plus) polyphony, which means that a minimum of 64 notes/instruments can be played at the same time.   With basic equipment, such as Pc’s, Laptops and low-end keyboards etc., you will only get a rough approximation of how the Midi File will sound when play on a sound module.

2.  How can I check out the quality of your Midi Files?

Just select any song and click on the play icon.  All our files are hi-fi quality and will sound good on any professional quality Midi File Player.  Our tracks are especially designed for performance purposes and so they have that very special “live” feel to them. –They are not intended or suitable for recording purposes.

3. How quickly will I get my files?

A download link to your order is automatically dispatched via Email just as soon as you have finished using PayPal.  This usually takes only a matter of a few seconds, but for a variety of reasons, it can sometimes take a little longer.   The actual download speed depends almost entirely on the speed of your broadband internet connection.

4. How many instruments do you use in your tracks?

There are normally around six tracks (including drums) in each file which is enough to make it plausible for performance purposes.–You can, of course, mute or delete any track that you do not wish to use in your performance.

6. I can hear the melody line on the samples.

A faint melody is sometimes retained as a reference point for the vocalist where ‘timing’ difficulties have been experienced by other users in the past.  –This melody guide is included purely for the convenience of the performer.  With Midi Files you can delete, mute or reduce the volume of this track.

7. What format will the Midi File come in?

We use only format O midi files, all of which can be played on all makes and brands of sound modules and keyboards.

8. How do I pay the service charge for downloading files?

All transactions on this website are done through PayPal. –Most standard Credit Card or Debit Card can be used to settle with PayPal.

9. Can all tracks be edited ?

All Midi Files can be edited provided you have the correct software for doing so.  Alternatively, you can edit them on most Keyboard and Sound Modules. -Generally speaking, MP3′s are fixed and cannot be edited.

10. Do your tracks come with lyrics?

The short answer is NO.   Lyrics can be obtained by just simply typing in the song title in your browser.

11. The Shopping Cart is still showing empty even after I have placed Files in it?

A setting on YOUR computer, such as a FIREWALL or a POPUP BLOCKER may be blocking our system from communicating with yours.   You will need to change your firewall settings and/or allow our popup.

12. Do Your Tracks Fade Out?

No, all of our tracks have proper performance closure endings.

14. If I am unhappy with a track, can I return it ?

Generally speaking… No.  Email us for advice